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Direct Incorporation Service


Ease of Use

10 /10

Customer Service

9.5 /10

Cost Value

Brand Info

  • Founded in 2003
  • Served more than 80000+ businesses
  • Extensive suite of LLC formation service packages


  • A+ rating from BBB

About Direct Incorporation

Direct Incorporation has been operating since 2003 and has served more than 80 000+ businesses since its inception. Direct Incorporation has been recognized by Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating alongside recognized by the INC Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States in the Business Services Category. But does the company really lives up to its hype and accolades? Let us explore further in this direct incorporation reviews article.

Direct Incorporation’s Advantages

Direct Incorporation has been around for many years with a proven track record of providing high-quality LLC formation services to thousands of clients across the United States. It has been bestowed with numerous industry awards, reflected in the tremendous amount of positive customer feedback and ratings garnered by the company. 

But what makes Direct Incorporation so popular? The answer lies in its buffet-like LLC formation service for businesses. The company offers multiple business formation services to its customers, and some of the services are:

  • Incorporation – Assist in the formation of S-Corp, C-Corp, or LLC in any state.
  • Logo Design – Custom professional logo for branding purposes. 
  • Trademarks – Research and protection of trademarks to enforce intellectual property rights.
  • Website + Email – Ensuring small businesses have an online presence, including email accounts and a functional website.

Direct Incorporation aims to ensure that the incorporation process is streamlined for businesses while providing an extensive LLC formation service depending on the business needs. However, there are numerous other benefits to partnering with Direct Incorporation:

Industry Experts

The team behind Direct Incorporation includes leading legal and business experts with multiple years of incorporation service experience. Direct Incorporation offers services performed by experienced professionals and registered agent service providers.


Direct Incorporation offers one of the most affordable formation services to its clients. The fees quoted by the company are transparent – there are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.

Customer Support

Direct Incorporation provides a positive and fantastic work environment, which is reflected in how its highly-trained and friendly customer support engages with businesses to resolve their queries. Entrepreneurs or small business owners can reach out to support via email or phone to have their questions answered or seek updates regarding the LLC formation process.


LLC formation packages on Direct Incorporation include an expansive basket of services relating to company formation, which ensures that businesses can engage a single service provider to ensure various aspects of the formation process are completed at the best possible price.

Direct Incorporation is a quality-driven startup organization that offers a complete set of cost-effective services alongside efficient customer service to mitigate LLC formation issues.

Direct Incorporation Service

Best Overall Value

Direct Incorporation

  • Wide features that few competitors provide
  • Highly-trained, friendly support team
  • Affordable price

Various LLC Formation Packages

There are multiple packages offered by Direct Incorporation to suit various types of LLC formation services, and they are as follows:

Standard Package

This is the most basic package and includes searching for a company name, online storage of documents, and Articles of Incorporation. Also, documents relating to S-Corp, a domain name (free trial for 2 weeks), and 6 months of registered agent service as part of this package, which is not usually provided by other similar service providers. Moreover, the obtaining of the Employment Identification Number (EIN) is facilitated.

This package also consists of a free trial of Executive Club, which provides a suite of services involving access to the Business Compliance Program – a service used by thousands of businesses to manage and track corporate documents such as IRS tax filings and other LLC requirements. The Executive Club also provides complimentary marketing advice from an experienced marketer, tax advice from a registered agent service, and a minimum 15% discount for future formation and trademark services.

This package is suitable for an entrepreneur at an ideation stage.

Premier Package

This package includes all the benefits provided in the Standard Package alongside extensive legal assistance. The additional services include legal agreements such as Corporate Bylaws, Operating Agreement, Stock Membership Certificates, plus a corporate suite containing documents, resolutions, and guides. Similarly, law firms’ attorney-drafted sample forms like Confidentiality Agreement, Independent Contract Agreement, NDAs, etc., are also included.

This package is mainly suitable for small business owners.

Elite Package

This package includes all the benefits provided in the Standard and Premier Package. Apart from offering the Premier Package’s numerous services, the Elite Package provides a stock logo and a basic website with 5 corporate accounts.

This package is suitable for businesses with an online presence or store.

Venture Package

This package is where things get super-premium. In addition to all the services included in previous packages, the client will receive a custom logo and a professionally designed website as part of the venture capital package. Moreover, this package also includes the trademark service and complete access to the Executive Club (the other three packages were a free trial, remember?).

This package is essentially suitable for experienced entrepreneurs with intellectual property.

Venture Plus Package

Taking a step higher from Venture Package, this package is packed with all that an experienced entrepreneur could be looking for and more. With the inclusion of all the previously mentioned services as part of the other packages, Venture Plus allows for the formation of a subsidiary for the parent or as a foreign entity, or DBA. 

Besides, this package allows an additional trademark or copyright to be registered as the company’s intellectual property. The benefits further extend to a provision for a registered U.S. business address with a physical office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and live customer support for organizational meetings as well as the first annual meeting.

This package is suitable for a business in a growth phase and looking to have a physical presence.

Direct Incorporation provides for numerous packages that form part of an LLC formation service. Given that the packages are structured to clearly demarcate its offerings at each level, transparency is at the forefront of how it operates.

Direct Incorporation Reviews Detail

Direct Incorporation is a successful and popular brand that has catered to thousands of businesses to form an LLC in their desired state. The customer reviews are highly positive about the brand, showing that Direct Incorporation is a trustworthy incorporation service with excellent customer support.

Is This Brand Right For You?


On to the most important question, is Direct Incorporation a perfect choice? If a business is looking for stellar customer support, all-inclusive formation packages, transparent pricing, and most importantly, access to industry experts in the form of law firm professionals and registered agent service, in that case, Direct Incorporation is the marquee choice.

Cost Value

Direct Incorporation’s packages range from basic to super-premium, catering to entrepreneurs with little experience or businesses on a growth trajectory. Each package includes all the benefits of the prior package; hence, any additional pay leads to incremental gain in value. However, some of the premium packages come at a relatively higher price than their cheaper peers and are not necessarily packed with features that justify their price tag.

Customer Service

The customer service provided by Direct Incorporation is highly trained to troubleshoot any queries that can be reached via email or toll-free phone number 1-877-281-6496.

Ease of Use

The information provided by Direct Incorporation’s website is comprehensive, which could be overwhelming for potential customers. Also, some navigation skills are needed to access the pricing page as there is no separate tab for such a web page.

Included Features

The features provided by Direct Incorporation are extensive and will meet most of the requirements for any business at any level. Similarly, the functionality to register a trademark is quite handy, along with access to physical location workspace as part of the Venture Plus package.

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  • Friendly customer service
  • High online security
  • A slightly higher fee
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  • Free business name availability search
  • Quick support
  • Significantly more expensive than other options


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  • Variety of add-on products
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee
  • Doesn’t offer the option to form a nonprofit

Direct Incorporation’s Disadvantages

Direct Incorporation does not possess any major disadvantages. However, the company has a wide array of LLC formation packages, which might confuse some of its less-experienced potential customers as they may decide to use a package that is not suitable for them.


Direct incorporation has been in existence for a long time and has always served customers with distinction. Its website includes all the information on how to form an LLC alongside the description of its various add-on services. Customer feedback has been extremely positive, thanks largely to the multiple advantages that have been covered in this review. All put together, Direct Incorporation is a brand that aspires to provide quality formation services and a great deal more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many LLC packages are there?

There are five LLC packages: Standard, Premier, Elite, Venture, and Venture Plus.

What is the availability of customer support?

The support team can be reached out from 9 AM to 5 PM (EST) from Monday to Friday via email or toll-free phone number 1-877-281-6496.

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