Nolo Reviews 2021: Online LLC Information, Pros and Cons

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Brand Info

  • Founded in 1971
  • Origin in Berkeley, California
  • Available across all US states


  • Informational articles and guides
  • Find a lawyer service
  • Customer feedback
  • Rush LLC processing

About The Brand

Nolo is a popular legal website that offers both online and offline legal services at a lower cost than hiring an attorney. Their website is well equipped with a helpful digital guide, legal forms, and software prepared by legal attorneys. The company was founded in 1971[1] by two lawyers called Ralph Werner and Charles Sherman to offer access to free or low-cost online legal information.

Their network spans over 50 web properties[2], making it one of the world’s largest web libraries for the most affordable legal information. Currently, they boast more than 1 million visitors to their website every month.

Nolo also forms businesses and will help with the paperwork and processes that are necessary to form your business. In our Nolo reviews, we walk you through various features offered by this provider.

Nolo’s Advantages

  • Nolo offers a wide range of informational articles and guides most of which are free.
  • They offer online lawyer search within the US for free.
  • They offer both online and offline legal services.
  • Nolo was established to offer the best do-it-yourself approach and still live to that.

Best Overall Value


  • Advice for do-it-yourself legal work
  • Free searches for attorneys
  • Software and documents to streamline legal operations

Nolo LLC Formation Packages

Nolo’s limited liability company formation pricing starts from $99 plus state filing fees and will offer the vital features you may need to form an LLC including preparation and filing of articles of organization, name search, and customized LLC operating agreement. 

The Express package, $299 plus the state fees, will include all the services you will find in the basic package plus several other features. Some of the key features added include priority rush filing, customized bylaw, personalized record Kit and Seal, and IRS application for EIN. 

Even though the company offers a registered agent service, they don’t state clearly the amount you will pay for the service. The website states you will pay some fees for the registered agent to Vcorp services[3], but it doesn’t specify the amount of money that you will pay. 

Nolo Reviews

Nolo offers LLC services and ample resources for custom business processes. It has always been a DIY outlet allowing you to handle most of the LLC services by yourself. This nolo reviews will take you through different scenarios that may be helpful to you as you make your decision. 

Is This Brand Right For You?

Nolo guarantees a wide range of legal products as well as LLC and corporation creation. For that reason, the company boasts an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. There was also an average of 4 stars rating among 184 users on[4]

With such great customer feedback, it is safe to assume Nolo accomplishes what they promise on their adverts. But for those who don’t fancy a company track record when considering a service, here is how this provider performs in other scenarios. 

Cost Value 

Nolo offers a wide range of DIY products including legal forms, software, ebook, and books that may be very vital for your LLC services, particularly among companies that could handle legal issues along the way. Their products come complete with instructions to guide you as you fill out the legal forms. The main aim was to produce high-quality products designed to save you money and time that you could use to hire a local attorney for the same services. 

As a result, most of Nolo’s forms are accessed for free. But if you want an in-depth legal guide, you can purchase and download the books and ebooks that are only charged in the range of $25-40. 

Nolo is not a law firm and it is not here to replace a lawyer but rather help you solve simple issues by yourself. In case of complex issues, the company will connect you to an attorney in your business practice area to help you make the right legal decision including real estate transfer. 

Despite all the perks, Nolo still offers all the features you may need to form your LLC business. Some of these features include preparation and filing of articles of organization, registered agent, and LLC operating agreement. Their top LLC package is cheaper than most of the industry services including LegalZoom. 

Customer Service

Nolo clearly indicates how to reach out to them on their contact us page via phone or filling forms. For general customer support or technical support (books, ebooks software)  you will be requested to fill a form on their “Contact us[5]” page. They are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm PT except on major holidays. 

For billing services, they offer a phone number (8 00-631-5158 ext. 3), which is open from Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PT except on major holidays. The company lists their FAQ[6] that answers most complaints consumers may have including billing and ordering. Nolo also delivers mail offers to customers who opt to allow the company to deliver updates to them. 

On the negative side, we couldn’t find any other phone number other than the one offered for billing purposes. Even more, there is a possibility that their email line is only used for updates not for addressing your complaints. With that, it is safe to conclude that Nolo’s customer support is an average one. 

Ease of Use

Nolo reviews articles, forms, and books are well arranged on their site and can easily be accessed. However, the company is one of the world’s largest libraries of articles, books, and ebooks, and navigating through the documents may take you some time. We also noticed that most links on Nolo’s website will take you to the 404 error page.  

Besides, given that Nolo reviews prioritizes the do-it-yourself approach, it may not be ideal for someone who wants to be taken through step-by-step legal processes. 

On the positive side, we realized that you only take a few minutes to fill in your LLC application. Somehow applying for business formation was faster than most services out there. 

Included Features

Even though it offers features necessary for forming businesses, it is not equipped for the services like most of its competitors. Some of the most important features included for business formation include articles of organization, operating agreement, name search, EIN, registered agent, and rush filing. 

On the positive side, Nolo turns out to be a great company due to its rich legal documents and ‘find a lawyer service’. The site is equipped with articles and blogs prepared by legal attorneys. The best part, the company offers both online and offline legal resources at a cost lower than hiring a lawyer or visiting other law libraries. 

Even more, Nolo offers books, ebooks, and software to guide you when you need an in-depth legal guide. With that said, you are guaranteed access to one of the most extensive legal advice and guides should you use this brand to form an LLC. 


In general, the most commonly requested LLC service is preparing and filing LLC articles of organization, operating agreement, registered agent, EIN, and processing speed. As you have seen with their packages, Nolo offers these features for your LLC formation. 

However, its LLC packages are not the best you will find in the market. Most of its competitors offer better LLC services at a much lower cost, particularly with the basic packages. 

With that said, we would recommend this provider to an entrepreneur who may need legal services or attorney assistance along the way. Besides, if you fancy a DIY LLC service, this can be a great brand. But for better LLC services or extensive legal services, consider either of the following alternatives

2 Top LLC Alternatives


Founded in 2015, this Texas-based business provider has been the top priority to many thanks to their affordable business formation packages, great customer feedback, 1-year free registered agent service, and several other free add-ons. Their lowest package is one of the cheapest in the industry but offers the best features you may need when forming a business.

Rocket Lawyer

Founded in 2008, this California-based business formation provider has been the most experienced provider thanks to their legal service website that allows access to a variety of legal help and attorneys at a low fixed cost. Even more, it is packed with LLC features than Nolo.



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  • Fast Filing Speeds
  • Registered Agent Service
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee
  • The primary drawback for ZenBusiness is that it’s still new.
Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer

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Visit Website

  • Great customer service
  • Plenty of offerings
  • Direct contact with lawyers
  • Relatively expensive

Nolo’s Disadvantages

  • Their website is not easy to navigate and finding prices is difficult
  • For people who want to be taken through the legal process step by step, this provider specializes in self-service and may not be ideal.
  • Documents are too many and finding what you really need may require some research.


Nolo is a great do-it-yourself legal portal for entrepreneurs with some experience with business or legal matters. The company was established to offer self-service legal information accessible for free or at a low cost.  Whether you need to be connected to a local lawyer, online legal forms and software, or an in-depth look at the legal topic with ebooks or books, Nolo will provide everything at an affordable price.

On the negative side, this is not a great provider for LLC formation or launching a corporation. If that is what you are looking for in a service, you better consider one of our alternatives. The good news, services like LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer will offer you incredible formation features and legal services at the same time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nolo com reputable?

Nolo website is reputable and out of seven customer reviews we came across on BBB, 6 were 3 stars and above while had a 4 stars rating on average. Most users give it credit for its reliable legal information and the ability to connect customers to a local lawyer. 

Is Nolo really free?

Nolo is the largest library of consumer-friendly legal forms and other information, all available for free. However, if you want access to in-depth guides on legal topics, you will have to purchase a book or an ebook which are otherwise very affordable.

What does Nolo stand for?

Nolo is a Latin word that translates to “I don’t choose to.” In law, “Nolo contendere” translates to “no contest” or “I choose not to dispute.”

How Fast Can Nolo Complete An LLC?

Normally, Nolo will process your LLC application within 2 to 3 three weeks. However, they offer rush filing with their top package. You will receive final documents from the state within one week.

Does Nolo Have a Good Customer Review?

Though Nolo doesn’t have a lot of online customer reviews, the few Nolo reviews on the Better Business Bureaus site and TrustPilot are nearly all positive. Out of 7 user reviews on BBB, only one user offered them a 1-star rating while we witnessed a 4 stars rating on average on among 184 reviewers.

Are Nolo Products Legal?

Nolo offers legal do-it-yourself products written by experienced lawyers. The team of lawyers responsible for updating the company books, software, and web content continually research and ensure Nolo legal products are up to date.

How do Nolo Compare to LegalZoom?

Even though both offer legal and business formation services, LegalZoom aims to be a complete service that completes documents or files them on your behalf. Nolo on the other hand has always aimed to be a DIY outlet that allows users to purchase legal guides and resources to accomplish their business legal needs.

Does Nolo Have a Refund Policy?

Nolo claims to offer a refund for the amount you paid for your subscription but not the state fees. However, the policies are not indicated on their site and you will have to contact them for more information.

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