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A registered agent can make all the difference since they know more about how a certain state handles their paperwork and documents. Availing the best-registered agent services you can afford can save a lot of time and help you focus on the important things in your business.

The world won’t wait for you to handle and meet your requirements and a registered agent can ensure that you’ll always be on time when meeting compliance requirements in every state. But if you don’t know which registered businesses you are the best at, then you’re in luck because we’ll be looking at the top 10 LLC and registered agent businesses on the market.

Editor’s Choice



Why is it better?

  • Very Affordable
  • Reliable Registered Agent Service
  • Ideal for Small Business

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The Lineup At A Glance

Editor’s Choice

  • Amazing Value
  • Low rates
  • Reliable Customer support

Best Track Record

  • Good Public Record
  • Trustworthy registered agent
  • Free forms

Best Free Service

  • Free Agent Service Provider
  • Reliable Service of process
  • Good at Tax Forms

Best Consistency

  • Experienced in creating small businesses
  • Good Public Record
  • Consistent in doing business

Best Legal

  • Helpful with legal documents
  • Tons of third party lawyers
  • Good Standing in the business

Best Customer Service

  • Top Tier Customer Service
  • One of Entrepreneur Favorites
  • Good Incorporation Services

Best For Learning

  • Good with the franchise tax
  • Helps with Annual Reports
  • Quality Registered agent service

Best Subscription

  • Good with legal documents
  • Reliable Service of Process
  • Helps with Agent Requirement

Best Speed

  • Fast Turnaround time in more than 50 states
  • Reliable in creating companies
  • Tons of side services

Best Registered Agent Service

  • Ideal for entrepreneurs
  • Provides quality service
  • Reliable Registered Agent Service

10 Best Registered Agent Services 2020



Here is a straightforward, easier, and more affordable filing service for business owners.

  • Amazing Value
  • Reliable registered agents
  • Fast Filings
  • Relatively New Business Entity

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ZenBusiness is a business entity that we highly recommend with its amazing registered agent service and the value that it provides to its customers. If you want to designate a registered agent, we advise availing their packages and accept service of process.

For only $49 including state fees, you can start a Limited Liability Company and they will help you with everything you’ll ever need in doing business from helping you with annual reports and even figuring out the business name for your LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent-1

No more multiple packages, just everything you need.

  • Reliable service of process
  • Helps you every step of the way
  • Customizable Services
  • A little pricey

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Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best choices especially for entrepreneurs running a small business. Ther registered agents are top tier and they will help you manage your LLC in every state.

Businesses should look forward to their customizable LLC packages as well since it can dramatically speed up the work process which can help reduce the business hours you’ll have to work in the long run.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority-1

Inc Authority is here, your one-stop-shop for your business needs.

  • Free LLC formation services
  • Free Registered Agent Service

  • Upselling

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If you really need a registered agent service and want to spend as little as possible, then you might be interested in availing of IncAuthority’s services. IncAuthority is one of the best LLC and registered agent services in the market and they provide both options for free.

The only downside is the upselling but getting a resident agent and getting help with documents filings is a big advantage as a business owner.



Here is the most affordable LLC formation service. Starting $0 + state fee, IncFile is ready to serve.

  • Good track record
  • Experienced registered agents
  • Good service of process
  • Can get busy during business hours

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If you need a registered agent that is competent and knows what they’re doing, then IncFile could be the business for you. The business has been in service for years and their registered agent is fully capable of helping business owners run their LLC and the company can also give advice on how to do an annual report as well as manage your business hours more efficiently.



Legal solutions + LLC formation = LegalZoom.

  • Access to a network of lawyers
  • Good for legal documents
  • Helpful for dealing with franchise tax
  • Lacking in customer service

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If you’re planning to take legal action or simply want access to competent lawyers, then you might be interested in LegalZoom. Asides from providing LLC and registered agent service, the company’s large network of attorneys is very helpful for business entities that are having legal issues.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance-3

Here is a more affordable formation and compliance LLC Service package Harbor Compliance.

  • Amazing Company
  • Top Tier Customer Support
  • Good with Documents
  • Expensive

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If the price isn’t a problem then you might like Harbor Compliance. A lot of its customers consider it as one of the best registered agent services in the world simply from their amazing customer service team.  The company has received a lot of 5 stars on its reviews and the company tends to deliver on the hype.

Better Legal


You do not have to worry about deciding what package you want to avail. Better Legal, only have single pricing and a fix rate for all services.

  • Free resources
  • Amazing with documents
  • Fast turnover times
  • Registered Agent Service not included in the package

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If you don’t mind paying for a registered agent service separately from your LLC formation, then you might like Better Legal.  It’s a direct competitor of LegalZoom and is known for its efficiency in handling legal documents.

The company also has tons of online free resources you can use to learn more about the types of business entities and corporations, legal matters, and many more.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer-1

Create an LLC with Rocket Lawyer’s absolute security and manage your business with ease.

  • Amazing subscription value
  • Reliable registered agent service
  • Quality customer service

  • Bad for non-subscribers

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If you’re the type of person who wants to be rewarded for your loyalty, then you might be interested in subscribing to Rocket Lawyer. Asides from their amazing resident agent and good business plan, the company is known for giving a lot of value to their subscribers. What’s even crazier is that subscribers get huge discounts for their registered agent service which is simply amazing.



Here is a simple but efficient service. This is only available in MyCompanyWorks.

  • Quick turnover times
  • Very efficient agent
  • Quality service
  • Basic package lacks registered agents

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If your business needs to get registered ASAP, then you might want to hire MyCompanyWorks and use their statutory agent. Their agents are very good at their jobs and they file and process documents like your annual report. Additionally, MyCompanyWorks is known for its business formation speed as well which is something to consider.



InCorp is here, the best in terms of balanced competitive pricing and service.

  • Quality registered agents
  • Good value
  • Lackluster website

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If you want to get one of the best-registered agents on the market, then you might want to check out InCorp. The company is known for its amazing agents that come at reasonable prices. Their website can be a bit lacking but that’s a negligible downside considering the quality of their service. 

What are Registered Agents?

A registered agent can either be a person or a business entity who is designated to receive important documents for your LLC. Think of them as representatives of your company and as people who will make things much easier for you.

Asides from receiving documents a registered agent helps you form good standings with the states your business is registered in. Not having one can be problematic and it usually ends badly for your LLC since states require you to have a registered agent in the first place to handle your files and receive service of process.

Online Registered Agent Services Pros and Cons

Just like with everything else, getting a registered agent has its own pros and cons for your business.

Registered Agent Pros


One of the biggest benefits of having a registered agent for your LLC is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business isn’t going anytime soon. It’s very unlikely for you to not meet compliance requirements since your registered agent will forward you important files like annual reports, tax documents, and compliance requirements.

And since your state-registered agent has your best interest in mind, then you know that they’ll also give you important details as well as various tips and tricks in handling your requirement for that specific state.


Another notable advantage that business owners have for hiring a registered agent is the speed. Having someone lessen your workload can make things more efficient and less time consuming for your business. 

Additionally, you’ll be much more efficient with handling your business entity and since you’ll have a different register per state, it just makes it easier for you to handle multiple files if you have an LLC in multiple states. 

Registered Agent Cons

Added cost

The most notable cons of having a registered agent for your business is that you have to hire them in the first place. That means you have additional expenses and costs to worry about which isn’t very appealing to small business entities.

The Best Registered Agent Service for You?

The best-registered agent service varies from person to person as well as the state you are in since each state offers different rates for forming a business.  Thankfully you have our list to use as a reference to help you choose the best one for you.

If you’re looking for good value, then go for Zenbusiness since it has tons of amazing packages. If you want to avail the services of an experienced agent then a company like IncFile can be a good choice.

Registered Agent Services Near Me

Below is a list of other notable companies that provide registered agent service. Some of the companies might not be on this list but they might be helpful if you’re planning to set one up near your state.

National Registered Agent Services

Most if not all of the companies listed on this list have registered agents for every state. This means that the only thing you need to decide is the price and of each state and the benefits of the states themselves.


  • InCorp
  • Texan


  • InCorp
  • Northward Registered Agent
  • Florida Registered Agent LLC


  • Harbor Compliance
  • California Registered Agent
  • California Corporate Agents

Washington State

  • Washington Commercial Registered Agent LLC
  • Northward Registered Agent
  • Washington Registered Agent LLC


  • SmithStrong
  • InCorp
  • Virginia Registered Agent


  • CSC Global
  • ZenBusiness
  • Wolters Kluwer


  • Harbor Compliance
  • WyrRegisteredAgent
  • WyomingAgents


Hopefully, after reading this article you’ve found out the importance of having a registered agent around. Looking for the best-registered agent services can be a hassle but finding the right one can save you a lot of hassle.  If you think the corporations mentioned on our list are helpful, like IncFile and ZenBusiness, then feel free to contact us or comment in the chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all states require a registered agent?

Yes. All states require your LLC to have a registered agent for it to be legit.

Do registered agent prices vary from state to state?

Yes. Some states are cheaper than others which is why you should carefully consider which state you’ll be starting a business in.

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